Dark Art и неосюрреализм от Джоржа Грие (George Grie). Часть 2
Dark Art и неосюрреализм от Джоржа Грие (George Grie). Часть 2

Ultimate Trap Lodge

Electra or Digital mythology

Revival of Clear Reverberation

Escape Before Dawn

Air Mail Pioneers

Unicorn Land or the Forbidden Forest Gate

Morning fog or Real estate on demand

Dehydration or global warming solution

Confluence or guided meditation

Kali the Destroyer

Noah's Ark or delusion of grandeur

Last Harbor or In Search of Castaway Nautilus

Ascension (Black Sabbath dedicated)

Sanctuary or snow mountain enter

Mona Lisa idee fixe or the Da Vinci Code mania

Mermaid Syndrom

Ghost ship series: River Styx ferry

Eyes are windows to the soul

White Castle or Voluntary Incarceration

The Immortals Society

Habitat for humanity

Ghost ship series: The birth of the legend

Angels and Demons or Angel of Infinity

Angels and Demons or Angel of Light

Angels and Demons or Angel of Mercy

Dreams of Flying or Sleep Paralysis

Mindscape or virtual reality dreamscape

Deception or Samson and Delilah

Ghost ship series: The lost expedition

Haunting Goth or Conception of Gothic music lyrics

Insomnia or Nocturnal Awakening

The island of lost hopes

The three graces, Goth mode style

Beauty and the beast; Dissociative identity disorder

Gothic fantasy or Expiatory temple

Ghost ship series: The ninth wave

Moonlight Bathing Valkyries: Gods and Heroes series

Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Our Lady Reims

Ghost ship series: The ninth wave remake

Winter Burst Himalayas: Gods and Heroes series

Ghost ship series: Pirate shipwreck

Requiem or Music set you free

The Birth of Venus: Gods and Heroes series

The Three Graces: Gods and Heroes series

The Mind Cave or Paranoid non-bizarre delusion

Fall of Lucifer Pieta: Gods and Heroes series

In Search of Meaning In Search of Lost Time

 Bridges to the Neverland

Along Ruined Soul, tribute to Zdzislaw Beksinsk

The Last Wave or Fighting the Giants

Rammstein or Neue Deutsche Harte

The Serenity Prayer or Tranquility Meditation

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Всего по немногу

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И все здесь до капельки - это я, победы и пораженья. Стихи мои - боль и любовь моя, радости и мученья.. ч.2

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Х аниме (по манге студии CLAMP)

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